Handpicked Customer Retention Strategies With Regard To The Casino Industry Plus How To Implement All Of Them

Average casino games retain 12%, which is also pretty good compared to other genres. Considering casino games can get pretty repetitive, it’s crucial to add new content regularly – that can prevent users from getting bored. Top casino games have almost 40% day 1 retention, which is excellent. Average casino games retain about 33% users after day 1, the bottom quarter of casino games retain only 25% of users. Getting a lot of installs for your casino game is one thing, but the tricky part is getting users to keep playing.

Just to put that into perspective, top-performing adventure games retain only 3% of users. Top-performing casino games manage to retain 18% of users, which is really good.

Actually so, work to maintain some level of advertising expenditure to keep top-of-mind with core demographics. Work together with marketing and product sales to keep your on line casino visible with both casual gamers, frequent guests, VIPs and valuable โปรโมชั่นบาคาร่า corporate accounts. When it comes to casino games, average revenue per daily active user for top-performing games is $0. 10. Even underperforming casino games have 15% stickiness, which is higher than most top-performing games from other genres.

Casino games once again reign supreme, with more than 25% stickiness for top-performing casino games. Although average session length is dropping each year for all categories, there’s no worry for casino games. However , top-performing casino games retain almost 10% of users.

This is the same thing we’ve talked about in the video ad breakdown – it highlights real people who play this casino game. Since Lucky Day is based on raffles, lotto, and scratch cards players, you can also see the gameplay in the ad – the person scratching the card on their phone.

Casino Promotion Idea

Notice that it’s once again a real person with a real phone, not an animation. In the third ad copy, you can notice it’s designed to get players to come back. It’s targeting users who have already installed the game but haven’t played in a while.